Guys, I can't even tell you how happy my heart is to be posting these pictures. It's not often you can say you watched a spark start between two people. 

They met at an engagement party for their friends, Abby and Abe. Shara from the brides side, and Mike from the grooms side. I watched as they interacted, laughed and became new friends and I said to myself, those two should be together! Once they left that night, Mike called the groom saying " Who was that girl?! " The rest is history! 

We were on our way to Cactus Inc. in Apopka and on the way out of town ended up making a pit stop to take some pictures in a random field because I mean, look at that sunrise. It was perfect. We then walked from green house to green house swooning over every different plant and sweating a little because well, greenhouses. Shara and Mike were troopers though, and we had the best of the best mornings. 

Thank you guys for trusting me to take these pictures and I can't wait to celebrate your big day in September!!! <3