Guys. GUYS. Listen up. This wedding was literally A DREAM COME TRUE. I grew up going to a summer camp in the mountains of North Carolina called Living Waters. I spent 9 beautiful summers making friends, playing under waterfalls and learning the word of God. I was so blessed to have an amazing camp like this one. ANYWAYS, enough about me.

Grace and Zach met at camp one summer and once they were engaged decided that Living Waters was the perfect place to tie the knot. To be able to capture these moments in a place that is dearest to my heart was and is the highest honor! After weeks of planning and a couple skype convos, on a very warm November day in Florida,  I packed up my things (and brought a long my assistant and friend Abby) and headed up north hoping for cooler weather and looking forward to the weekend ahead.

On the big day the guys and gals spent the morning getting ready then Grace and Zach took a fun (but long) walkthrough the woods to Cathedral Rock to take first look pictures. The bridal party joined them afterwards to take a few fun pics and it was amazing to see everyone dressed up walking the trails in the fall morning light!

The day was relaxed and everyone got to hang out and take pictures until we all headed out and across the border to Pretty Place Venue at YMCA Camp Greenville. Can you say Stunning!? A chapel overlooking The Blue Ridge Mountains - I had tears in my eyes before the ceremony even started. The love I saw between not only Grace and Zach, but also the support from their family and friends was inspiring.

We headed back to Living Waters for a fantastic night of amazing food food and hilarious dancing. There were lights everywhere and watching everyone join in for the fun was a perfect way to end the day!

Grace and Zach, I wish you both the very best and cannot express how much I loved shooting your big day! Thank you for trusting me with one of the biggest moments of your life. 

<3, Christina.