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| Engagement | Josh & Amber

| Engagement | Josh & Amber

It's coming up on a month until these two get married, so I thought it was past time to share their engagement photos!!! 

I grew up going to camp in North Carolina, and met Josh there throughout the years. I didn't live in Florida at the time, but I knew that Josh lived in Deland, and that was somewhere near Disney and that is all that mattered in my mind.  But when I moved to Daytona to pursue photography as a degree at Daytona State, Josh welcomed me to the area and it was always nice to have familiar face around! 

I soon met Amber, and she was equally as welcoming and kind. Josh & Amber were models for me on occasion for class projects and they never had trouble being perfect in front of the camera ( as you can see here they clearly were made to be in front of it! ) 

I captured the two in downtown Winter Park outside of Orlando, and oh what a great decision that was!! The weather was cool, the breeze was just right, and we ended with a yellow sunset that couldn't have been more perfect. Now that the big day is coming up, I'm praying for equally as good weather, and most of all that these two would have the very best day!!!