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|LIFESTYLE | Aidan 2nd Birthday!


|LIFESTYLE | Aidan 2nd Birthday!

You guys, I can't even begin to explain how my heart is exploding over these pictures. I can't believe Aidan is turning two and turning into a little grown up! Does he look like the old man from up or what? And let's all be honest. He's the most stylish kid in the area. Take a look! 

We didn't know how Aidan would react when he sat on a balloon and popped it, but as you can see he thought it was the funniest thing! 

Please note Buzz Lightyear flying through the air. 

So needless to say, we had a great time! 

I firmly believe that getting your kids' pictures taken each year is such a fun way to celebrate and an excellent way to see how much they have grown! Interested in getting some pictures taken with you and your kids? Send me an email! Let's talk! 


| NEWBORN | - The Jarvis Family

Meet Julian Bo Jarvis!

While I don’t often shoot newborns, I SO enjoy capturing these precious moments between the whole family. 

The Jarvis family recently moved into their new house just a couple blocks from the beach. Jesse loves surfing and they wanted to incorporate that aspect of their life into Julian's newborn photos. Jesse is also a pastor and makes surf boards with youth in the area as a ministry with the church. This specific board hasn’t been ridden on yet, so Julian was the first to test it out ;)

Julian is the first boy in the family after his three sisters Evey, Meredith and Molly - so there's lots of sibling love to go around. I SO enjoyed this family and loved getting to capture their special first moments!